Why Governments Hate VPNs

When it comes to information, governments want full access. This obsession is why across the world, new laws are reducing the levels of privacy individuals have, completely ignoring the importance of online privacy in the process. The excuse is that it protects people from potential threats. By being able to sort through various information transmitted on the Internet across the globe, those threats can be found and thwarted.

VPNs sort of put a damper on government surveillance because of their ability to encrypt and spoof Internet traffic and IP addresses. Let’s break down a little more exactly what that means.

Reasons Governments Don’t Like VPNs


The most significant reason governments hate VPNs is the level of encryption they provide. Encryption is something that can secure a piece of information transmitted through the Internet. It makes that information very hard to intercept as it first has to be decoded.

There are various levels of encryption, and some of them are extremely difficult to break by third parties. The higher the level of encryption, the less likely it is someone can get access to the data inside.

VPN’s are capable of providing anywhere from low-level, run of the mil encryption to extremely advanced, military grade stuff. If everyone starts using a VPN, it becomes nearly impossible for a government to monitor Internet traffic and keep tabs on its citizens.

Access to Services

Another reason a lot of governments do not like the use of VPNs is that they can provide their citizens with access to services that they do not want them to use.

For instance, some governments have strict laws on using outside networks and social media. By using a VPN, a citizen can re-route their traffic and help them hide their real IP address to access various services blocked via the nation’s firewall.


The third reason a lot of countries hate VPNs is that of the increased security risk they can pose to a nation.

As much as possible, all governments try to secure their borders. But nowadays, with the Internet and ease of communication across the globe, it is getting increasingly difficult to provide adequate security without being able to monitor information being passed back and forth on the Internet. At least that is the typical government excuse.

Governments are not able to provide the same kind of security when VPNs are used because they are unable to figure out from where the information is coming. And even if they were, as we already saw, they aren’t able to read any of the data due to advanced encryption. Thus, supposedly, potential bad guys can communicate without being traced or giving off any hints their plans.

VPNs make it much more difficult to spy on information and to provide what governments feel is higher security for its citizens. The encrypt data and obfuscate the data’s source. And ultimately, this is the reason why they hate them. Personally, I’m a fan. If you feel the same, don’t forget to check out my article on picking a VPN and stick it to your government, just like I do.

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