Welcome to The Nickull Blog, the personal homepage and blog of Derek Nickull, your friendly neighborhood internet privacy and technology guru.

The primary focus of my professional career has been working for CEFACT, a United Nations committee, as well as for OASIS, whose mission is to advance open software standards for information societies. I was involved with creating new architectures for universal systems integration. I also spent a good amount of my career working for Adobe Systems, one of my favorite companies in the world.

Since 2006, I have been heavily involved in advocating internet privacy and making individuals aware of the potential dangers of ignoring it. I have had my hands in multiple technologies, ranging from virtual private networks to firewalls and security systems. I have also contributed to many SOA papers and articles on online privacy. My focus has shifted towards web service standards in recent years.

What can you expect from my blog? Technology and nothing but. I continue to quest for internet privacy, and that is something you will see talked about here a lot. But, you’ll also see posts and news on some of my other passions, including software standards and web services. I hope you enjoy.